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About School

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Education is recognized as the mirror spacious of a Society and an Educational Institution is a world in miniature. Time is changing with such an accelerated pace that is offers in increasing challenges to Education. Therefore and educational institution has to develop a provoking process and bring out the best. for this purpose the atmosphere of hope and confidence is created with the right coordination between home and school. This needs to be supplemented with the spiritual education. We in this school with the Blessings of almightily all goddesses forefathers and beloved parents Maan Vidya Devi and father Sh Jage Ram Kundliwal have such an environment where flowering and awakening of young scholars is made possible both in Scientific and Spiritual inculcation to create a good milieu. Equally important is our concern for a impressions are made every year, every month, every day. Step by step a scholar learns, feels, desires and is given an opportunity to inculcate all round progress. Naturally, the educational work falls under psychology, and experimental method and clarity of motive along with scientific temper, School and home interplay to produce students who are ready to face the challenging of the world and that is only possible if there is emphasis on quality education.

Our Mission

Thus our mission is to develop mental, intellectual and aesthetic faculties of the child through a host of curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • Instill a sense of patriotism and community spirit in the students in order to make them worthy and responsible citizens.
  • Foster team spirit and environment consciousness.
  • Make the students understand that formation of good character is the foremost objective of education.
  • Impart student-friendly stress-free and value-based learning experience.
  • Provide state of the art educational facility.

Our Vision

Our vision is in sync with the immortal lines of Rabindranath Tagore.

  • Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.
  • Where the knowledge is free.
  • Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls.

Director Message

In the past, it was said that to open a school is to close a jail. This adage is no more suitablein modern times. As e everything changes with the changing time,as the water of a river which passes under a bridge cannot flow through the same place again, similarly the past history can never get repeated. The Motto of our school is “We seek perfection “in every sphere of student’s life, a life of all round development with joy & happiness. It is to prepare a child to live a life of perfect human being and to equip him with such knowledge that makes him/her stand in a very good stead in every possible future life venture. We in our schools try our level best to mould our students not only into useful citizens with national fervor but also to make them know their respective places in society and interactwith other human beings with love and reverence. Through various school activities both academic and curricular, the students are made aware of their responsi-

bilities towards their families, society the world & towards themselves. The sole aim to our school is to prepare the students for life which would facilitate the transition of youth from the world of school to the world of life. In the present time of cut throat competition, we endeavour to teach our students the value of perfect human being, make them aware of the basics of worthwhile human life and achieve excellence without treading on the rights of others. With the active participation of the parents and teachers we prepare our students to become perfect citizen. Who are always open to assimilate newer ideas and discard fundamentalism and such outdated values that restrain progress and degenerate human outlook. For the last 18 years, the school has been actively serving the society by producing scholars who show outstanding results in every field of school life. With the blessing of Almighty all goddesses and forefathers”, We promise to ensure that our students would do remarkable things in life and create a niche for themselves in the society.